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My Skype Session with Bridget Regan

Not long ago I got to do a 30 minute Skype Session with the beautiful and talented actress/star of Legend of the Seeker: Bridget Regan!  I KNOW!.. The following is my account of  that call:

First I have to tell the prequel to this amazing chat with Bridget, so bare with me a bit longer.
I was in Aspen/Snowmass with my family (parents, brother, sister, thier families, and my husband), we rent a condo there every 4th of July, to hike, bike, play games, eat and just be together. I have my iPhone with me and was checking my email and see I got one from Camp Wanatachi. I had been following them and donated to the show via Kickstarter. I thought the show sounded fun, and Bridget was so excited about it and loving 'B' the way we all do, thought, dang, if 'B' can Produce something like this at such an early stage in her career, which is very admirable, using her good fortune/fame to help out her friends and things she believes in, then I wanted to be a part of that generosity too! So I donated a few times, and commented at the Kickstarter site that I wished I could be a part of the Skype session, as I knew that the Team_BAMC gang pooled together to do one with 'B'. I was thinking what a kick it would be to see that group interact with her. I noted that I knew they would describe it all in detail and would look forward to hearing all of it in some post. Well…. some sweet Angel (as Natalie and Bridget described in my email, and when we Skyped) helped them reach their goal of $10,000 by donating the last $2,000 in the last few minutes, right before their deadline. This same Angel saw that message of mine, and her one request was that they award ME a Skype session too!! WHAT!!!!??? I almost fell over when I read this email, and I had to re-read it like a hundred times to be sure I wasn't hallucinating or something! Once it settled in that this was real, panic started to take over a bit, and a good dose of my Catholic Guilt as well. I was flabbergasted that someone would do this, and didn't feel deserving of it in the least, and I was nervous as heck about chatting with 'B' for 30 mins (more of Why later), BUT DANG I did want to chat with Bridget!! I also, didn't want to offend the person who generously gifted this to me, so I decided to do it, and DUH, I LOVE BRIDGET!

Now, why nervous to talk to 'B'? When I was telling my family about it, their response was mostly like this; "Who?" (They know of my obsession with this show, but DO NOT understand it, and don't know much about it even though I've told them all to watch??? What can I do, they're my family). The other 'consensus response' was; "But, you don't even talk to 'US' that long on the phone?" … True, it can be said that I am not a phone-type person, I much prefer that face to face convo, BUT THIS IS BRIDGET-FRICKIN-REGAN, AND IT IS SKYPE, & ON VIDEO! Oh, did I mention I never Skyped before, EVER! I was also nervous that I wouldn't be able to think of things to ask 'B', or would freeze up when she popped on the screen and go blank, God forbid!! Or that I would not know how to answer or would accidentally hang up on her…. you get my thought process. I sweat bullets for the next 3 days just thinking about it! When I got home from the holiday weekend, I immediately got on my computer and printed out the contract (basically not to record any part of the session) and faxed it back (Wed). I got a response the next day that it was received and they had my Skype-name and that Bridget had some time on the 15th of July (I had asked for some time, as I had a cold and no voice for the past week, and didn't want to sound like a frog or pack a day smoker when I spoke with 'B'), I told Natalie that the 15th was great, I would work with whatever worked with 'B' and her schedule. I sent this email off, and again, right away, I mean minutes later (this was at 8pm-ish Thursday nite), I got a response back from Natalie that said, "Ok so 1:30-2:00 pm pst tomorrow "! Whoa! Double take! I thought I had a week, now it was tomorrow?! I wrote right back, "So it's tomorrow,Friday, NOT next Thursday the 15th?Did I miss something?!!! Again, minutes later, "Yes tomorrow, is that ok??? UHHHHHHHHH, tentatively I wrote back that it was fine if that was a better time for Bridget, GREAT! My cold, and voice had improved a lot that day, so I felt I could go. It was confirmed by Natalie, and I was just told to adjust the time to my timezone. Needless to say I got NO sleep that night and was a bundle of nerves all the next day. I think I stayed up late that night trying to come up with all the things I wanted to talk about/ask her, it was CRAZY! How did I get so lucky? To have been given this opportunity was such a blessing, and I am very grateful to that 'Angel' that gifted it to me (who also did a Skype with 'B'). Whoever it was wanted to remain anonymous, so I was not able to thank them personally, but vowed in comment form on Kickstarter, and through Bridget herself, that somehow or someway I will 'Pay it Forward' in her honor in the future! Thank you again Anonymous Angel, whoever you are, you made my year!!! OK, now for the actual Skype with Bridget!

I had my computer with Skype up and running at around 9am MST (I'm in Colorado) that Friday, I tried the Skype test call about a dozen times, read my notes a gazillion times, and waited. I tried to stay busy, deciding where to put my Mac for the Skype, finally deciding to go outside on my deck, where you could see the trees and Colorado sky, it was a beautiful day. So I set my laptop up and had Skype up and sat in front of my computer at about 1:15pm. At around 1:30 a message popped up from campwanatachi that said something like "click on this message to let me know when you are online". I was excited, "Maybe Bridget was going to contact me early if she saw I was already on? I clicked that I was online, and waited right there in front of the computer, just in case it rang early! It didn't, actually when the 2:30 time came, I was so nervous, my heart rate was high, but nothing… 2:35, nothing, like other recaps I've read, I thought, did I mess up the time??? Did I not do something right?? (I know now she was chatting with @Hannah_May_UK, in her Skype Session.) Then I heard the ring!!

FREAK OUT!!! I click answer and immediately hear that familiar voice say, "Hello, Sandi?" I stupidly respond with, "Yes, Hello, Bridget is that your?" Duh! She laughed and said yes, and then I clicked on the video thang, hoping I wouldn't do something wrong and hangup, and she popped up on the screen in this little box in the upper left corner. It was really small, and I wanted to enlarge it full screen, but was afraid I would mess it up, so I didn't right away, but did a bit later on once I had relaxed a bit. She was, I'm guessing, in her room at her parents house, the door was closed behind her, she was wearing a white shirt of some kind, her hair down and straight, and falling down in her face at times, she was looking down at the computer mostly, so would hook her hair behind her ear each time. She was very casual, not much makeup, but totally flawless and beautiful. I think the fact that she was so casual made me feel at ease instantly, the nerves were gone, and I felt like I was chatting with a friend, it was kind of surreal how natural it felt. Hopefully I wasn't so at ease that I bored her to tears! The following is the conversation I recall to the best of my ability, which I fear is sadly lacking, or out of order somewhat. I so wanted to record it, for my own use to go back and watch and recall, but out of respect for Bridget first and foremost (and the contract I signed of course) I did not. Bummer, because my memory, I fear, is like 'Swiss Cheese'! But, I have had flashes of our conversation over the past week, and I think I have remembered most of it. Also, I have had conversations in my head, of the things I wanted to ask Bridget but forgot to, so have had to sift those out from reality, even though to me they seem like they really happened, and I was much cooler and funny in those, but too bad so sad they didn't really take place, so I won't include those! Here goes;

'B' popped up on my screen looking beautiful and natural and waved and flashed that great 'B' smile. I waved back, and at that moment she noticed I was out on my deck and said "ooh, where are you, you're out on some patio or something..?" I said yes, I'm out on my deck here in beautiful Colorado, to which she kind of got all excited and moved closer to the screen to see, and said "Wow, what a beautiful day." I said, yes it is gorgeous here today, unlike yesterday, .. we had a tornado not to far from here. to which she looked concerned and said "oh!", she was so cute and looked worried, so I changed the subject and asked her if she had ever been to Colorado? She said she hadn't, and had been to Utah a lot growing up, but that she wanted to visit Colorado someday. She then said , "I think my boyfriend said he was a snowboard instructor there once, he's a Kiwi, but he said something about going there to teach one year through some program". I told her Colorado has the best skiing and she would have to come out with her boyfriend sometime. I asked if she was back home in San Diego, at her parents? She said she was, and I said that it must be good to be home, since she's been so busy, or something like that, and she said it was great to be home, to just hang out with her family, that it had been a long time since she had seen them, she had been traveling so much and been away so long. It was cute and made me laugh a little because she was explaining all the places she had been, NZ, NY, France, Italy (me thinking: 'uh Bridget, I know everywhere you have been and what you did somewhat, As a die-hard 'Seeker' fan, I *flail* at every Tweet, and have seen all the posts and pictures, and yeah, I'm obsessed!), but I didn't want to scare her, so I just said, 'Yea, I heard about that. Did you get to go to the Vatican?" She said "Yes, it was so awesome, we went to Rome and Florence, and a bunch of little towns around Tuscany, then London", she also said that it was her first time to Europe, and she was so excited, that it was so beautiful, to which I told her that I got to go a few years back, when my husband was stationed over there right after 9/11, while he was in the Air Force. Again she got this concerned face and said "Ohh really, where was he stationed" and I said he had been in Stuttgart, Germany for 6 months, and that after his tour, I went over and met him and we toured around Germany and Italy. I thought; I keep making her get this concerned face, so I changed subject again.

I told her how much I really appreciated her doing this chat with me, and that I felt a little guilty about it since it was given to me, and she said 'Oh, thats you, oh my gosh, yes this woman, this 'Angel' came in and saved the day and donated like $2000 right before our deadline so that we met our goal, but her one request was that we give you a Skype session too, and I was like Are you Kidding, I'ld be happy too, it's the least I can do!" She then went on to say that when they came up with this plan to get donations they were trying to think of things they could do, like the songs, and the DVD's and autographs etc… and someone said, what about a Skype session with you Bridget? if they donate so much money?, and she laughed and said 'I thought, yeah who would donate money to Skype with me, I didn't think anyone would want to do that!" at that I laughed and said 'are you kidding! Seeker fans were talking about selling their cars to do it!" She kind of shook her head, really cute, amazed, and I said "yeah, the Seeker Fandom is pretty amazing, they totally love you and support you, and go crazy with every tweet!" She's so appreciative of all the Fandom, saying 'Oh my gosh, they are so great, I am so amazed, love them!" Bridget was so humble and down to earth, and you can tell by talking with her that she is just so sweet and genuine and appreciates the fans so much. I asked her how she got involved with Camp Wanatachi, and she told me that when shooting the 'Seeker' in New Zealand that someone she knew from UNC (Univ. No Carolina) and also knew Natalie told her that Natalie was doing some really cool things. She went on to say that Natalie had gone to UNC for a bit, and was in some of her Drama classes, and was just so crazy, fun, and had all this energy.  She left school to move on to other things. So when this other friend told her about the cool stuff she was doing with Camp Wanatachi, Bridget looked into it and heard the song 'Riding Bareback' and loved it, thought the music was so different and cool and she knew she wanted to be a part of it somehow, and so got with Ian to produce it. I told her that I really wanted to see it, and that I had heard about it from her on Twitter.

I told her that I too was a Seeker fan, and she said "Oh, great' and I think she said 'how did you find it or how long?", and I told her that I watched it from the very beginning! I told her that I had seen the show that Lucy had narrated introducing this new action fantasy series called "Legend of the Seeker", she said , 'oh yes, that show, I forgot that she did that. So had you read the books?" I told her I hadn't at that time, I said, I was a big fan of 'Xena' and heard Rob Tappertt and Sam Raimi were doing this show, and after watching that introduction I was hooked. From the beginning I loved the show, and that after the first show I went out and got the books and have read all of them. She was surprised at that, and impressed that I had read them all, but I told her that I loved the books and went through them very quickly that first season, and that the show is what got me into them. I told her that I thought the show was awesome, and that she did a perfect job as Kahlan! I told her I totally pictured her as Kahlan the whole time I read the books, and couldn't picture anyone else. Bridget said 'aawww thank you so much.' She was very flattered and so sweet and thankful that so many fans think she has portrayed Kahlan well, because she really loves the character. I asked her if she had auditioned for Rob Tappertt and Sam Raimi for 'Seeker', and she said 'Yes, I went in to audition for this show, that I really didn't know much about, there was no script, which is really weird and unheard of.' she said that in all her years of acting and auditions she had never read for anything without a script. but for 'Seeker' they just told her to get the book, so she got the book and was reading it. She went in for the audition and said 'I was in the waiting area to read for the part of Kahlan, (which she said she loved from the beginning) and saw a girl in there with this long flowing dark hair and green eyes, and thought 'oh she's got it, she looks just like they describe in the books', and here I am, I had red hair at the time, and blue eyes, but I go home after reading and Rob calls me back in for another reading and then gives me the part!' I told her, "well Rob does kinda go for the blue haired dark-eyed.. (she laughed) oops, what am I saying, LOL, I mean blue-eyed, dark-haired type girls!" (Lucy), she laughed and said 'you're right, he does', and said she loves Lucy, and that she is so great, and that she got to hang out with Lucy in Monte Carlo at this TV Festival she was participating in promoting LotS (again me thinking: "she doesn't know that I know about the Monte Carlo gig, I've seen every photo and blog and interview, I follow her every move, I'm a huge fan!, again, I didn't want to freak her out ). I also thought; Wow, I would have loved to have seen the two of them partying together in Monte Carlo, how fun would that be! I love both of them! I told her again how much I love the show and really think that it is THE BEST SHOW ON TV, that it is so unique and different from anything on, and that I really hoped they got picked up for another season somehow, and she was really touched and said "Oh thanks".

I think? I asked her what her plan was, or did she have anything in the works, and she said that she had a few things, but that it was still up in the air a bit, because she was still under contract with Legend of the Seeker. Bridget said she has been in this position before, when her play ended in NY, and without a job, not knowing what she would do next, but then she auditioned for 'Seeker' and next thing she knew she was packing up and moving to New Zealand! So, she is very optimistic and knows something will come up and that she's not worried, she's excited for whatever comes next, and she will be fine (for sure she will be fine, she's BRIDGET-FRICKIN-REGAN!) Right now she is busy looking for a place to live, in L.A., and needs to get a car, and a job' I said that I had lived in L.A. for 20 years, she perked up at that and said 'where did you live?' I said that I had lived in the beach area, South Bay, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach area. She said, 'yeah, we thought about living near the beach, my boyfriend surfs, but we are kind of looking at the Los Feliz/SiIverlake area, there are a lot of trails and lakes and stuff around there, plus when you live at the beach you tend to stay and do everything at the beach', I agreed with her and said yes you do, and the area she was looking at was closer to where she would probably work and hang out and all. I then asked her if she would be bringing her dog Captain with her, and she said that Captain is still in New Zealand, on a farm with I think she said Auntie Mel, and that she and Eamon, her boyfriend, were trying to decide whether to bring him to L.A. or let him stay on the farm for a few years. That he is young and has lots of energy and she wasn't sure the city and L.A. would be the best place for him just yet, but she was torn, cuz they really want him to come. She did say Henry, the cat, would be coming to L.A. and I said that cats were a little easier to take care of when you are so busy, and she agreed. I told her I had had two cats, but had to put both of them to sleep last year, again bringing the concerned face, and and "Oh." I told her I missed them, but they were 12 years old, and she said something like, "yeah, 12 years is a long time to have cats." I told her I had heard that she thought her cat was getting fat, she kind of sighed and said "yeah, he's gotten a bit lazy." I then told her one of my cats was 27lbs, she said "27lbs! thats a fat cat!" I laughed and said, defensively, "He was a big breed, but yes he was a fat cat." (He was a Maine Coon, and they can get up to 28lbs!) She said she was going back to New Zealand in a few weeks to pack up the rest of her stuff, she has a big crate of stuff to ship over, and she was going to help her boyfriend pack up too, he was moving to L.A with her, and they would decide about Captain. I think i said "Oh he is?" (regarding her boyfriend moving with her) and she said "yes, he's was an Asst. Director, on Seeker for a bit, but then left to work on other things shooting in NZ, but that he wanted to move to L.A. because that is where everything happens in that business, it's the place to be, and there are a lot more opportunities." I agreed and said, are you excited to go back to New Zealand, and she said yes, even though it's a long flight, she is excited to get back to see her other family there, especially since they didn't really get to say goodbye, since they didn't know the show had been cancelled yet when she was last there, and she hoped to get to see everyone and do that this time (this kind of made me sad, made it seem pretty final that it may be over, but I still refuse to believe Legend of the Seeker is done just yet, I really believe we will get something!).

I told Bridget that I had been to NZ before, which seemed to pep her up a bit, that someone had been to her second home, and so I proceeded to tell her that I had been there a couple of times with my paddling team, and that when I lived in Redondo Beach, CA I had paddled on an Outrigger Canoe Team, and asked if she had seen them in San Diego (they have a few teams there), but she looked confused and like she hadn't , so I continued and said that our teams had gone to New Zealand to compete in races there. I said I love it there, and want to go back again, that it is so beautiful and the people are the some of the nicest I have ever met! She agreed and said something like 'I know. They are so great! I said, when I was there we got lost and stopped to ask for directions and a local 'Kiwi' told us to follow him and he'd take us there. It was 2 hours away! She asked where on NZ, I had been, and I told her just the North Island, we didn't get to go to the South Island, but I would love to someday. She said it is beautiful, and would probably get back there often since her boyfriend was from there, and was happy about that.

Since we were on the subject of New Zealand and 'Seeker', I asked Bridget if she really did the stunt where she was on the horse rearing up in the last episode? She got really excited again and said, 'Yes, oh my gosh, that was so much fun! I got to do that about 10 times that day, all I had to do was hold on!" The horse wrangler would cue the horse and it would just go up, they are so well trained and so great, I had to throw my head back, so I just kept doing it one after the other. But this one time I came back up to early and smacked my nose on the horses head and thought I broke my nose! "I said, 'ouch that must have hurt.' I was kind of laughing and so was she, and I said something about the stunties being so awesome, and she said "They are so great. At first I would be fighting and accidentally smack them, and they would stop me and just say 'Sweetie, don't worry about it, it's our job." I told her that I thought that was so cool, and that I would love to be a stuntie in another life. I told her I heard about the dagger that Dayna took in the cheek, and she said that that was scary, and that it was a wake-up-call to her.  She said that because she had done that exact same thing they did, just on different stages. Bridget said they would shoot the actors doing their stunts facing the camera on one stage and the stunties doing the same on another stage with their backs to the camera (explaining that whenever you see them from behind, and not their faces they are stunties) They do this to save time, since they shoot so much footage and fight scenes, and that this saves a lot of time. They piece them together in editing. So… back to dagger in cheek… when that happened it was a wake-up-call to her that this is dangerous. I told her I thought she did a great job, and that she really got good at the stunts, and that the last fight she did on the beach was awesome, and it was beautifully shot! She said "Thanks, yeah I was getting pretty good there at the end, it was a lot of fun!" I said the show got better and better with every episode, and she agreed! She said being a dancer really helped her, since it's basically choreography, (sidenote; being an Irish girl I asked her if she did any Irish Dancing growing up, since my niece did while in SoCal, but she said she didn't know of it in her area. She did take Jazz, Tap and Ballet). I told her you could tell by her legs that she was a dancer. I asked how long they had to learn the fights, and to my surprise she said they usually learned them the day of the shoot, and very quickly, they didn't usually have a lot of time. Dayna would run through it with her a few times and they would go (sometimes on rare occasions they had more time)! She said Craig caught on really fast, learned his choreography faster than she did and was so good at it. I said "yes, but he didn't have to do it in a flowing dress with long hair!" Bridget said, "YES! THANK YOU!", which I thought was hilarious and laughed, then she said, .."you know, after fighting with the sword a few times I thought, this is a lot easier than fighting with the daggers!" She was so funny! (At this I had an idea, for when they bring 'Seeker' back; There should be an episode where Craig has to dress up like the Mother Confessor and fight in her dress and long hair! How epic would that be?!) Redemption for Bridget at least! Somehow the subject of 'love scenes' came up too, and she said that there were so many people around for those, and that Craig is like her brother, but other than that not so bad. Yeah, I can think of worse things than making out with Craig!

I said, I heard Craig is moving to L.A. too? Bridget said, "yeah, I haven't talked to him in a while with all the traveling, so I don't know if he's there yet." He's a good friend.

Back on the subject of L.A. and SoCal I said, 'I hear you are a big Disneyland fan?" She said "Yes! I even have an Annual Pass!' and I told her, "so do I, I've had one for like 15 years! Even since moving back here to Colorado, I've kept it because it pays for itself after a few visits, and I go back to visit friends a couple of times a year.", she said she loves going there, that it makes her feel like a kid again every time she goes, she kind of got all animated and excited talking about it, so I asked her what her favorite ride was and she said "Oh, gee, there are so many, but I think I'ld have to say 'Soaring over California" and I got excited, and said 'Yes, I love that ride, it's so cool" (for those who haven't been, it's this ride that simulates going up in a hang glider and you sit it these seats and strap in, and then it goes up in the air in front of this huge 180 degree screen and then this IMAX type movie comes on where you are flying over various California scenes, like the Ocean where you smell ocean, and the forest where you smell pine, and orange groves you smell orange and so on and so on!) it's really cool. I asker her if she had been on the 'Twilight Zone' ride, 'Tower of Terror' and she said, yes, and that at first she was kind of scared to go on, but did and loved it! Said she loved that they take the picture of you in mid ride right when you drop, and said she had this great smile on her face, and it was so funny (would love to see that), I think I made a comment about how in the picture your hair is shooting straight up in the air, and she laughed. I said my other favorite is 'Space Mountain', because it goes so fast and is so fun, and she agreed, said she loves the older rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean, but doesn't like that they changed it and made it all 'Johnny Depp', that she's more 'old school'. I said, yeah it was kind of cool when all the animatronic characters were old and tattered, to which she laughed. She said, she's been tons of times, she never gets tired of it because each time she just feels like a kid again. She grew up on 'Mary Poppins' and loved Julie Andrews, she was her favorite! Bridget said that she was so excited that she was actually working for Disney, because she loved it so much! I thought then, too bad Disney doesn't realize the Gold Mine they have, not just in the show, but in BRIDGET-FRICKIN-REGAN! She could be your next Mary Poppins!

When I regained my focus I said, "so, I have a question about Camp Wanatachi.", and she got all excited again, and said 'what do you want to know about Camp Wanatachi?', and I asked, "since raising the money and reaching your goal, what do you do from now until next January when the full production goes on?" She was really excited to talk about it, and said that there was lots to do, lots of production stuff and rehearsals and all just getting ready for the show. I asked her if she thought it would tour around the country at all, maybe come to Denver, or L.A.? She said she wasn't sure, but she hoped so, and that it depends on how it does! (So anyone who can, go see it in January!). I asked if she would be traveling to New York a lot the next year? she said "I hope so! but don't know what I will be doing yet, kind of have to play it by ear, she would be on the phone a lot and do a lot of emailing", I told her I had been to NY once before, and that I got to see a play, and again she gets all excited and fidgets a bit in her chair, and says "which one?" and for the life of me, I could not think, my mind went blank, ugh! Bridget was so cute though, she kept guessing, she was like "was it Wicked?" no I said, thinking, but that is my favorite..think! I said, "oh my gosh, it's Disney", and she says "Lion King?!"… "No. Oh my gosh!" I said, "we were just talking about her! Disney! I can't believe I can't think of it!" and she kind of yells "Mary Poppins!" like she was on a game show or something and got the answer. I laughed and yelled "Yes!' Oh my God!" and we both laughed a bit. I told her I loved it and NY, and wanted to come back and hoped to come back for Camp Wanatachi in January! She said, she hoped I did, that I would love it!

I realized it was getting close to my time being up, and so I thanked her again for doing the Skype with me and that I really appreciated it. I wished her luck and told her that I sincerely hoped that we would see her in more Legend of the Seeker, but that if that didn't happen that I would follow and support her in whatever she does in the future and always be a fan. She was like "Ohhh, thanks so much." whatever happens she is excited and up for it. I told her I would be pulling for her to someday play the part of Maureen O'Hara in her life story, as she is one of my favorite actresses and a fiery, gorgeous, Irish, red-head just like her! Bridget said 'Really? Wow." I said "Yes, you would be perfect to play her, you should read her autobiography, it's called 'Tis Herself'." 'B' said, wait, I'm going to write that down", and looked around to find a paper and pen, she asked what it was called again and made a note of it. 
FYI: (there isn't anything planned for this that I know of, it just dawned on me this past St. Patty's Day when I was watching a movie starring Maureen O'Hara,(who is still alive and well at 90, and living in Ireland), that Bridget would be perfectly cast to play her 'if' they ever do a movie about her. Maureen is such a character, and such a great actress, and her life so amazing!

My favorite Maureen O'Hara movies are; The Quiet Man, which I watch every St. Patrick's Day; Miracle on 34th Street, the Christmas Classic; The Parent Trap, the original with Haley Mills; and McLintock with John Wayne, a funny western!
Do yourself a favor, check 'em out and picture 'B' as Maureen, she would be GREAT!

Well at that my time was up, and a bit over, so I said thanks again, and how much I appreciated and enjoyed chatting with her, and wished her luck with Camp Wanatachi and her move, and whatever she did in the future. she said "Oh Thanks, nice talking to you, take care." and then she blew me a kiss and waved and said goodbye. So SWEET! She was truly a pleasure to talk to and so easy going, it was like talking to a good friend, the time just flew by. I hope I didn't bore her, or you all, too much, but she is so kind and genuine that I don't think that's possible. I wish you could all have the same opportunity, and I know if she could, she would, she's that nice. One of the Loveliest people on the planet that I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Positive energy and light just emanate from this woman! I'm a bigger fan than before, if that's possible! Thanks Bridget! I hope I didn't mess this recollection up too much, but I think I got it pretty close. Thanks for your patience Seeker Babies, I hope it was worth the wait. Sandi


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Jul. 15th, 2010 07:45 am (UTC)

Whoa, that was an awesome read! Thanks so much for sharing! :D

Jul. 16th, 2010 06:44 pm (UTC)
Skype with B
Glad you liked it and it was my pleasure to share it!
Jul. 15th, 2010 01:42 pm (UTC)

What a lovely recount of your chat with B!! You asked her some great questions and she sounds like a sweetheart (I always thought she was!).

Thanks for sharing!

Jul. 16th, 2010 06:42 pm (UTC)
Skype with B
Bridget is a total sweetheart! A genuinely Good person, and she made it easy to talk to her, and the questions just came pretty naturally, even though I feared I would draw a blank before hand. There were a number of things I wanted to ask, but totally forgot once we started chatting, but I was very happy with the whole experience! Bridget was very open and didn't seem to hold back regarding her personal life, which was very refreshing... like talking about her boyfriend and moving etc., and not just about her career. I think that says a lot about her and how REAL she is! In fact, before hand I had thought I would ask a bunch of questions from Seeker Fans since it was gifted to me. But Natalie said, "Bridget does so many interviews and such re; the show, and that the Skype chat was really more about just chatting with her fans and getting to know them, so that's how I approached it, and was glad I did too. I got to see that personal side of B!
Jul. 15th, 2010 02:13 pm (UTC)
Thank you for writing this up :) Sounds so fun!
Jul. 16th, 2010 06:31 pm (UTC)
Skype with B
You're welcome. It was a blast, yet so easy, like a talk with a good friend, from my perspective anyway. She's a good person! Made my year that's for sure!
Jul. 15th, 2010 05:46 pm (UTC)
Awesome. Well, it certainly did not sound at all boring to me haha B sounds like she's about the coolest person ever!

I googled Maureen O'Hara. Just gotta say, i can totally picture B as her! :D
Jul. 15th, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
Skype with B
Thanks so much, she is the sweetest and coolest, and very grounded, so I'm sure she'll stay that way!

Yes, do yourself a favor and rent some of those movies, they/she is really incredible, the 'B' of her day! Then biggest star of her day really!
Jul. 15th, 2010 08:35 pm (UTC)
OMG how awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!! B is so amazing!!
Jul. 15th, 2010 09:33 pm (UTC)
B Skype
Glad you liked it, it was fun! Did Team_BAMC do a Skype with B?!
Re: B Skype - virkatjol - Jul. 16th, 2010 11:39 am (UTC) - Expand
Re: B Skype - sandimist - Jul. 16th, 2010 06:21 pm (UTC) - Expand
Re: B Skype - sandimist - Aug. 10th, 2010 07:34 am (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 15th, 2010 09:38 pm (UTC)
Love this!
This is truly made my day and I can envision your chat with her. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful experience. She truly is a delight to be a fan of! What a great gift someone bestowed upon you.

With your remembering of the story I'm smiling ear to ear so excited. Excellent!

From one Xena and Seeker fan to another! Battle On!
Jul. 15th, 2010 09:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Love this!
Glad you liked it, and that I could recall what was said. Bridget is a truly wonderful woman, and sweet as can be, and deserves success and happiness in her future! Thanks go to her!

Yes, Xena still lives! Battle On!
Jul. 16th, 2010 01:52 am (UTC)
Lucky lucky you!
Thankyou so much for sharing.
Jul. 16th, 2010 06:19 pm (UTC)
B Chat
My pleasure! I know I would be waiting on the edge of my seat to hear other's experiences if I weren't lucky enough to have had this opportunity.
Jul. 16th, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
Aww thank you so much for sharing! I love reading about fans talking to B.
Jul. 16th, 2010 06:23 pm (UTC)
Skype chat with B
You are very welcome! I love reading about them too! She's a sweet sweet special woman!
Jul. 16th, 2010 10:40 am (UTC)
Amazing re-cap! :o)
Jul. 16th, 2010 05:12 pm (UTC)
Totally worth.
And you didn't bore me at all. I was PLEASED reading all of this. <3

You were the luckiest girl right now. You were offered a chat with her by someone. That 'Angel' did 2 nice things that are worth our appreciation

It's amazing how 'normal' she looks when you all describe the chats. It only makes me love her more than before <3
Jul. 16th, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)
Skype with B
Yes, very lucky and blessed by a special and generous person!

Yeah, Bridget is so humble and not full of herself in any way, she really is grounded and makes you feel like you are totally on her level! Most actresses would probably want to put on all the makeup and all, but you could tell she didn't really care about that, not in a bad way, because she looked absolutely stunning as she was, but you could tell she was at home and comfortable in her own skin. I was impressed with that!

I love her all the more for it too!
Jul. 16th, 2010 07:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you SO MUCH for sharing! This is the third Skype account I've read and each time my heart has melted even more for Bridget!

I have such a huge admiration for her; she's such a lovely, amazing woman! I don't think it's possible for me to be in any more awe of her. I too will be following her in whatever she does next, Seeker or not. Lifelong fan for sure. ;-)

I've thought about writing a letter to her but I'd no doubt fill it with too much rambling!

Thanks again. :-)
Jul. 16th, 2010 07:57 pm (UTC)
re; B Skype
You should, I know she appreciates the Love she gets from the fans, she told me so! You never know, she might write back!
Re: re; B Skype - seekerbaby - Jul. 18th, 2010 11:36 am (UTC) - Expand
Re: re; B Skype - sandimist - Jul. 18th, 2010 04:14 pm (UTC) - Expand
Re: re; B Skype - seekerbaby - Jul. 18th, 2010 06:20 pm (UTC) - Expand
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 18th, 2010 04:15 pm (UTC)
B Skype
Glad you enjoyed it!
Yeah to your avatar of Gabby! Been long time since I've watched Xena, loved that show!!
Battle On!
Jul. 18th, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
awww! tks for sharing..
bridget is awesome!
Aug. 10th, 2010 07:21 am (UTC)
That she is!!! And so much more!!!
Jul. 18th, 2010 10:03 pm (UTC)

Wow, you did such a good job of recreating that! I was nervous, excited and grinning like an idiot myself, just reading it!

You handled yourself so well in the end, and much better than I can imagine myself doing. :) I think I would have had a full-on complete flop sweat coronary attack. LOL

Thanks for passing on all our love to Bridget and good on ya for getting such a grand experience!
Aug. 10th, 2010 07:25 am (UTC)
I think if Bridget hadn't made me feel so at ease right away... like you were just talking to a good friend you've known forever, or your sister, then I would have totally lost all of my train of thought and looked like a total spaz! But from the moment she spoke and came on screen, that's how she made me feel! I can only imagine that's what she does to those appearing on screen with her too! She just sucks you into this calm within a storm so to speak! That takes a special person to do such a thing!
Thanks for your comments and compliments!
Jul. 19th, 2010 04:27 am (UTC)
i luv B and im glad you had a good conversation with her
i enjoyed reading every word
you didn't bore me :)
Aug. 10th, 2010 07:26 am (UTC)
Thanks so much!! Sorry this took so long to respond to, I've not been on LJ for a bit, been tweetin away mostly, and had family to entertain! I really appreciate the kind comments and am glad I didn't bore you!
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